Dinis New Magic Train Ride for Sale

Have you taken the train on the playground? Have you ever taken a magic train ride? Sounds mysterious, right? If you are interested in rides, Zhengzhou Dinis’s latest production of magic trains, you may like it!

What Is the Magic Train Ride Like?

The magic train ride in Dinis is a trackless train. From a structural point of view, there is a chimney on the locomotive. When the train starts, it will emit white smoke, just like a real train. Besides, there is a speaker in each carriage, this is used as a broadcast function. Secondly, the train is equipped with a night light, it is free of charge. You can choose whether you want it or not. Finally, this train is suitable for many occasions. For instance, large scenic spots, zoos, amusement parks, etc. It mainly plays a role as a means of transportation. Most importantly, many visitors can take photos with it because of its novel appearance!

Hot Selling Tourist Magic Train Ride in Dinis
Hot Selling Tourist Magic Train Ride in Dinis

Why Is the Price of Magic Train Ride Different?

In today’s society, we often see the presence of a trackless train in scenic spots, parks, shopping malls, etc. With the improvement of living standards, these leisure places want to develop better, it is necessary to keep up with the times. The introduction of the magic train ride is the first step. Nowadays, the demand for small trains is constantly increasing, this shows that its development prospects are very good. Many investors have seen this point, so choose to invest in it. However, you will find that the price will be different when you consult. Then, what is the cause?

  • Do you know? This magic train ride has a lot of shapes. With the advancement of technology, Dinis Amusement Rides Factory is constantly innovating, and we hope to produce amusement rides that everyone likes. Therefore, many new styles are constantly appearing. At the time of consultation, the price of different styles is definitely different. This is because the development of a new model requires great manpower and financial resources, and it is rare to see this type of magic train ride in the market, so it is definitely more expensive than the traditional amusement train.
  • What’s more, the new magic train ride designed and produced by Dinis has many styles. It can be divided into one locomotive and two carriages, one locomotive and three carriages, one locomotive and four carriages. Because of the different manufacturing costs, the price of different styles is different.
  • Finally, another reason for price differences is the difference between manufacturers. This is because different manufacturers may have different manufacturing processes and materials. And the difference in these factors will make the price different.
Dinis Magic Train Ride Carriage
Dinis Magic Train Ride Carriage

What Are the Operational Advantages of a Magic Train Ride?

When you go to shopping malls, parks, amusement parks, scenic spots, you have seen some amusement train rides, haven’t you? But you certainly haven’t seen the magic train ride, because this is the latest design rides in Dinis. So, what advantages does it have for business?

  • First of all, from the appearance, magic train has beautiful looks. It has antique, Thomas, ocean, elephant and other shapes. According to different venues and different themes, we can choose the style we want. In this way, the magic train ride can be well integrated into the environment. Furthermore, its unique magical elements can attract more visitors. Except these styles, if you don’t like it, then you can choose our custom service.
  • Magic train ride is more expandable. It consists of one locomotive and multiple carriages. In general, it is two or four carriages. And each carriage can accommodate 6 to 8 adults. When we purchase a magic train ride, according to the passenger flow of the venue, we choose the style that suits the venue. When the low passenger flow, this can be a good way to avoid the idle train.
  • The magic train ride is a green transport tool, because it uses the battery power supply drive mode, so it does not emit harmful gases. Dinis designed this train to meet the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction.
Dinis Magic Train for Sale
Dinis Magic Train for Sale

What Are the Benefits of Operating Magic Train in the Scenic Area?

  • As a new type of rides, the magic train is very attractive to people. It not only brings different happiness to tourists, but also brings a lot of profits to the operators.
  • The magic train ride can promote the economic development of the scenic spot.
  • The magic train can be a means of transportation in the scenic area, giving visitors a different experience.
  • Generally speaking, the scenic spots are very large. Operating this kind of train can relieve tourists’ fatigue. Therefore, it is very necessary to operate such trains in scenic spots.
  • Due to its magical features, it can add a unique landscape to the scenic spot.
Magic Vintage Train Rides for Sale
Magic Vintage Train Rides for Sale

Can I Increasing the Charging Current on a Train to Shorten the Charging Time?

  • Because the magic train ride is a kind of trackless train, so everyone must care about the charging problem. Dinis’s design of this train has a short charging time, but the endurance is very strong. we believe that many manufacturers of rides should have done actual tests. In the case of constant voltage, increasing the charging current can really shorten the charging time of the train, but this electricity is not durable and will shorten the cruising range.
  • In fact, each group of batteries in the magic train has a voltage value. It directly determines the charge and discharge performance of the battery. The battery voltage starts to be the same, but after a period of time, different charging methods will make the charge different. The battery management system is based on a single maximum battery voltage full, and not every battery is actually full. Conversely, small current charging will be well balanced, allowing each to be fully charged.
  • We usually ride an electric car also know that quick charge will affect the battery life. So, it’s best to charge the train with a special charger.

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